A healthy lifestyle: Barcelona’s culinary sensations (part 2)

Living (and eating) healthy does not have to entail a boring lifestyle, especially when that lifestyle is lived in city with a vibrant and unique culture as Barcelona.

Thus, to boost your tasting skills and health levels, as well as foreigners’ commitment to invest in real estate in the city, take a look at some more health-conscious restaurants and snack spots to be found in Barcelona.

Gut Restaurant

Investing in real estate in Barcelona is, of course, also about enhancing one’s lifestyle and experiences – something which good-quality, healthy dining surely forms part of.

For those who want to enjoy healthy-yet-scrumptious meals served creatively with a charming ambience, Gut Restaurant should be the next spot they try out. Gut is all about providing options along with a healthy lifestyle, as it offers both vegetarian- and non-vegetarian dishes in a delicious culmination of flavours, textures, scents and sensations, all aimed at stimulating not only one’s taste buds, but all the senses.

Be sure to try their selection of wines as well to give your dish of choice that extra kick.

OhBo Restaurant

Imagine enjoying the health benefits of dishes made from organically grown, health-infused ingredients in the charm-filled district of Barcelona’s Sarriá neighbourhood. That is the idea behind OhBo Restaurant, where one can relish in a delicious culinary experience that includes juices and smoothies alongside unique menu selections, such as braised octopus with sealed potato and sweet and sour sauce.

As an extra bonus, the menu also provides additional information about each dish’s nutritional values, including the sweet (but not too filling) desserts.

Green Spot

Green Spot, Barcelona’s newest dining option for vegetarians, aims to raise the bar, as it does not promote itself as a vegetarian restaurant. It simply aims to be a fantastic dining-out spot that anyone can enjoy, which immensely helps its word-of-mouth popularity.

And it’s not only the salads that are green here, for this socialising spot’s light and elegant interiors (designed by Brazilian architect Isay Wenfield) boast its own inner garden!

Who knew healthy living could be so delicious?

Feeld Organic

A delightful combination of an organic restaurant, coffee shop and supermarket, Feeld Organic allows you to buy fresh food in bulk while also dining on top-quality dishes prepared with organic ingredients. Feeld Organic is fully committed to sustainable living and –development, as it supports organic farming and a healthy lifestyle.

A delicious selection of coffees and juices can be found in the coffee shop, as well as a bakery bent on enhancing your culinary experience. This spot is definitely one of the best ways to enjoy healthy “fast” food along with a pleasant atmosphere and free WiFi.

Green & Berry

Nestled in the top end of Enric Granados, Green & Berry health café is the answer for those who are seeking a healthier lifestyle. With the health trend in the US serving as main inspiration, this spot is where one goes to try out cold-pressed juices (15 – 18 flavours), homemade nut milks, smoothies (12 varieties) vegan desserts and healthy-yet-delicious dishes.

Organic ingredients are used for all dishes, sparking some really interesting choices such as avocado toasts and raw cheesecake.


From big business lunches to cosy dinners, Biocenter provides a certain ambience to go with its high-quality menu. With more than 30 years’ experience, this vegetarian restaurant makes it clear that it is open to all who want to eat well and enjoy generous portions, healthy options and excellent service.

A self-service salad bar (with much more than the usual lettuce-and-tomato options) is the norm for lunch here, followed by a main dish being chosen from the list of daily specials. After sunset is when the dishes (which all make use of natural and organic products) are served with more intimate lighting, good music and helpful waiter staff.

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