7 reasons to invest in Barcelona

Investing in Barcelona is always a good idea, although the success of the venture depends on our intelligence and the information we have at hand. So let’s discuss the opportunities that come with this decision.


Apart from being one of the major European economic centres, Barcelona offers an unparalleled quality of life. Based on our liking, we can enjoy the mountains or practice winter sports, and with just an hour-and-a-half drive from the Catalan Pyrenees – we have at our disposal 4 km of pristine beaches spread across Costa Brava and Costa Dorada. On top of that, we can sail to Africa as well as several Mediterranean countries.

Barcelona skyline, includes: Port Vell, Sangrada Familia and Torre Agbar

Barcelona skyline, includes: Port Vell, Sagrada Familia and Torre Agbar


Barcelona benefits from a well-developed infrastructure that allows fast and easy commutes via a diverse system of transportation. This includes the largest Mediterranean port, a high-speed train, an international airport and European highways. And if this wasn’t enough, the city’s accessibility is bound to improve with the construction of a high-speed train station with a capacity for 100 passengers annually, which will have connections to all parts of the greater Barcelona area.

Dynamic and diverse economy

The Catalan capital has diversified its activity, shifting its focus towards the media and green industries as well as biotechnology; therefore strengthening its economic knowledge base. To confirm this we can examine the XXI century Barcelona project, focusing on technological development, sustainability and internationalization. Its effectiveness is such that 90 % of the 5,000 foreign companies operating in Catalonia are based in Barcelona.

An incentive-based real estate market

Barcelona is attracting wealthy investors looking to acquire properties in alternative places to Paris, London, and New York, which can provide them with a lifestyle of luxury and glamour. Business leaders and celebrity personalities such as Ronnie Wood, the guitarist of Rolling Stones, are spending over 10 million euros to purchase a property there. All of this because of Barcelona’s reputation as a luxurious destination as well as an entrepreneurial and creative hub.


Barcelona is attracting wealthy investors looking to acquire properties in alternative places to Paris, London and New York, which can provide them with a lifestyle of luxury and glamour

Talent centre

It has an impressive human capital, as well as incredible creative potential with 250,000 students enrolled in 2016 alone from two of the best universities: ESADE and IESE. Barcelona has bid to become a centre for innovative research and as a result, is attracting international talent – as reflected in the 10% of international students, but the cost of skilled labour remains highly competitive, which means investing in Barcelona holds great advantages.

A city of culture and style

Barcelona is one of the leaders on the international creative scene, which becomes evident the moment we set foot in it and start navigating its multiple architectural styles: from gothic, going through Gaudi’s Modernism, all the way to the avant-gardism of Antonio Tàpies. This framework is often used for international events and exhibitions, such as Fashion week or the exposition of Lucien Freud, which goes on to show that leaders of the creative sector have directed their attention to Barcelona.

Excellent quality of life

Apart from the wonderful Mediterranean climate, residents can enjoy useful services such as one of the best sewage systems in the world and safe and regular public transport, which takes passengers to restaurants and places of rest, amongst which 23 are Michelin-starred and with affordable prices, when compared to other European cities. If we add to this its cosmopolitan and welcoming spirit, it’s understandable why over 17% of its residents are of foreign origin.

Night view of Placa Reial with restaurants in summer. Barcelona.

Night view of Placa Reial with restaurants in summer. Barcelona.

Just like any other city, Barcelona has some issues you need to deal with, but if we factor them in our planning, it is certainly a place that combines exceptional business opportunity with a lifestyle model that is comfortable and exciting. All of this at a privileged geographical location near the sea and just a little over a few hours from the Pyrenees, as well as excellent connectivity with the entire world.

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