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  1. Hydraulic mosaics, essential pieces of interior design with a high aesthetic value

    Hydraulic mosaics are probably one of the most characteristic elements of modernist Catalan architecture, that are often found in the buildings of l’Eixample in Barcelona. In spite of the fact that they are found in many buildings constructed during the first decades of the 20th century in this unique neighbourhood of the Catalan capital, hydraulic […]
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  2. The Best Barcelona Neighborhoods to Live and Invest in: El Born-La Ribera

    One of Barcelona’s most historic neighborhoods is El Born-La Ribera, one of the favorite areas for new residents in the city when setting up a home. The El Born neighborhood was already one of the main centers of the city in the Middle Ages, becoming the area in which all popular festivals and activities were […]
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  3. Choosing the Parquet Floor Design for Luxurious Interiors

    Before carrying out any large scale Project that involves designing a luxurious interior, the choice of flooring, that will cover the property, becomes one of the key aspects. It can mark the whole aesthetic dynamic of a development. When decorating luxurious interiors, parquet flooring has come to be one of the most popular choices, also […]
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  4. Everything you need to know before developing a property

    Facing a complete or partial renovation of a property can mean encountering stressful situations that arise when the correct steps to take are not known or understood. Putting yourself in the hands of a qualified professional, such as an interior designer or an architect can make the task a lot easier thanks to their advice […]
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