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  1. Exquisite ideas for your home bar

    Who doesn’t love to entertain; to invite friends over for a stylish get-together and just relax with good company? However, just like you would focus on including the essentials for a delectable dinner party, the same way you need to have the right equipment on hand when you want to up your cocktail game and […]
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  2. How to host an elegant dinner party this festive season

    It’s the season to be jolly, and to share your festive excitement with your closest friends and family. And that definitely means hosting a fantastic dinner party. Just because winter is here does not mean your love for an elegant get-together or beautiful decorations needs to take a break – after all, what could be […]
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  3. Welcome your guests with a stunning entry hall

    We all know the importance of first impressions – and an entrance hall that is dull will surely not mean a positive first impression of your house. This is your chance to sweep guests off their feet, to welcome them with style into a soaring space with a sparkling chandelier, or a cosy foyer with […]
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  4. The eternal question: where to buy a property, close to the sea or the mountains

    One of the most crucial dilemmas that arise when buying a property, is deciding whether to buy a place near the sea or with mountains. For the majority of people this is not based on a simple whim. Making the right decision can have direct repercussions influencing mobility, functionality as well as other consequences. When […]
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