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  1. Everything you need to know before developing a property

    Facing a complete or partial renovation of a property can mean encountering stressful situations that arise when the correct steps to take are not known or understood. Putting yourself in the hands of a qualified professional, such as an interior designer or an architect can make the task a lot easier thanks to their advice […]
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  2. One of the Best Barcelona Neighbourhoods to Live and Invest in: La Zona Alta, Tres Torres.

    The Tres Torres neighbourhood came into being between 1901 and 1903, and is located in La Zona Alta, the higher area of the city. As an upper class neighbourhood of the Sarrià-Sant Gervasi district, it has one of the highest incomes per capita in Catalonia. See the apartment at Tres Torres developed by Sivoris The […]
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  3. Moving to Barcelona: Tips and Solutions

    When a family from abroad decides, for professional or personal reasons, to move to Barcelona, they may come across a range of problems that can make the moving experience costly and traumatic. Being well prepared will help to make the transition both simple and rewarding. First of all, organizing a detailed plan, with clearly marked […]
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  4. 8 Myths about colour

    We’ve all heard the alleged rules about choosing colours in interior design at least once before, “if you mix too many colours you’ll end up with an uninviting ambiance”, “brown is boring”. All these rules confuse us to the point that we don’t know what decision to make. To avoid this, we will discuss the […]
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