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  1. The Spanish Golden Visa: Your ticket to Barcelona

    Numerous elements attract people from all over the globe to Barcelona: the famous architecture, a rich culture and culinary masterpieces to name but a few. Therefore it should come as no surprise that this Spanish hotspot has become a firm favourite among those who seek a Mediterranean lifestyle, as well as those who are considering […]
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  2. A healthy lifestyle: Barcelona’s culinary sensations (part 2)

    Living (and eating) healthy does not have to entail a boring lifestyle, especially when that lifestyle is lived in city with a vibrant and unique culture as Barcelona. Thus, to boost your tasting skills and health levels, as well as foreigners’ commitment to invest in real estate in the city, take a look at some […]
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  3. A healthy lifestyle: Barcelona’s culinary sensations (part 1)

    As one of the most unique ‘melting pots’ in the world, Barcelona also has a firm reputation in terms of art, architecture, culture and sustainable living, which also influences foreigners who are looking to invest in real estate in the city. However, it’s not only the city’s public transport system or its commitment to ecological […]
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  4. Barcelona: An International Business Hub

    What makes a city a prime location for a business? What factors are involved to ensure that a venture (whether a brand-new start-up or simply a new branch of an existing company) will grow into a successful enterprise? Various features come into play, and it would seem that Barcelona has the recipe of success which […]
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