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  1. Barcelona: All the Makings of a “Smart City” (Part 2)

    Being smart, as a city, means making use of resources in the best possible way, and also collaborating in order to be innovative, creative and efficient, and augment future investments. This allows for in improvement in quality of life, something which Barcelona is succeeding at quite well these days. Ecological and cost-savings approach Effective waste […]
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  2. Barcelona: All the Makings of a “Smart City” (Part 1)

    Barcelona is the first city in Spain being named a “smart city”, beating other big-league European capitals like Paris, Stockholm, and London. Together with smart technology, factors, like smart economy, smart environment and smart government, all contribute to result in a city that can be considered “smart”. Today, the citizens live in a vibrant culture […]
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  3. The Investors´ guide: Renting out your Barcelona property

    When it comes to investments in Barcelona, the Spanish city is definitely a great location, considering its temperate climate, striking coastlines and vibrant culture. 2016 saw no less than 28% of the total property sale transactions in Spain for the pure purpose of investments. However, the fact that there was a high demand yet a […]
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  4. The Top Business Schools In Barcelona

    Studying abroad was regarded as an adventurous or even unusual undertaking in the past; today it has become increasingly commonplace, as employers of all sizes are on the lookout for the truly international employee – someone who understands how business is done in key markets around the globe. As an international city, Barcelona is so […]
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