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  1. Spanish mortgage for non-residents

    Spain has always been a popular choice for those looking to study, work, retire or vacation abroad – its striking coastlines, rich culture, fantastic architecture and delectable culinary creations are just some of the attractions that appeal to the rest of the world. Of course choosing a stylish rental is not the only option; buying […]
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  2. The Spanish Golden Visa: Your ticket to Barcelona

    Numerous elements attract people from all over the globe to Barcelona: the famous architecture, a rich culture and culinary masterpieces to name but a few. Therefore it should come as no surprise that this Spanish hotspot has become a firm favourite among those who seek a Mediterranean lifestyle, as well as those who are considering […]
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  3. Barcelona: All the Makings of a “Smart City” (Part 1)

    Barcelona is the first city in Spain being named a “smart city”, beating other big-league European capitals like Paris, Stockholm, and London. Together with smart technology, factors, like smart economy, smart environment and smart government, all contribute to result in a city that can be considered “smart”. Today, the citizens live in a vibrant culture […]
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  4. The Investors´ guide: Renting out your Barcelona property

    When it comes to investments in Barcelona, the Spanish city is definitely a great location, considering its temperate climate, striking coastlines and vibrant culture. 2016 saw no less than 28% of the total property sale transactions in Spain for the pure purpose of investments. However, the fact that there was a high demand yet a […]
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