About us

Sivoris is a privately owned real estate investment firm located in Barcelona, Spain. We have been an active participant in Barcelona since 2014 and our partners have worked together in China and the UK since 2003. Sivoris has the local expertise and international track record for correctly timing global real estate investment trends. The partners fully understand the intricacies of value added asset management and ultimately the disposal of properties. Our passion is to locate and acquire residential properties and turn them into exceptional homes.

  • Acquire

    We find properties that have the potential to be exceptional homes. They should be well located, be in a beautiful building, and have some original features.

  • Develop

    Our development process focuses on creating residential properties that are unique in the marketplace. The final product is a luxury home with high quality materials, finishes and appliances.

  • Sell

    We appeal to clients that are looking for a turn-key solution to their property needs. All of our properties are fully furnished and dressed with art.


Property investment is a great way to diversify your portfolio. With a growing global population and people moving further into urban city centres, this asset class has one of the best risk risk-reward ratios. We welcome investors to invest alongside of us. Investments are made through a Spanish limited liability company and projects durations are approximately eighteen months. Feel free to contact us for more information.

  • Salim Aboudaoud

    Founding partner
  • Bashar Aboudaoud

    Founding partner
  • Anna Tomashvili


We develop exceptional homes.

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