About us

Sivoris is a high-end residential developer based in Barcelona, since 2013. Our passion is to find properties that can be transformed into exceptional homes.
Our approach is to create value, as each home is different, and our development team and architects look to deliver bespoke properties to every client. This personal touch, quality of craftsmanship, design and high end materials allows us to deliver an exclusive number of apartments in Barcelona. The Sivoris founding team of Salim, Bashar and Anna have designed, managed and developed numerous projects in Barcelona and around the world.

My wife and I purchased Sivoris’ Atico Sagrada Familia project in March 2019. We are thrilled with the design, quality and workmanship in the flat, but most important is that Sivoris has been a true pleasure to work with. Anna and Salim are extraordinary. They have been incredibly responsive with the minimal after service items we have identified, and have both gone out of their way to assist us. We are very fortunate to have found and purchased a Sivoris project.
Gary Sawyers Client

What we do

We buy old residential properties and build them into exceptional homes. Our designers and architects work meticulously on details before our execution team takes over. Our unique properties each end up having features that make them stand out. We use the finest materials and finishes, with particular attention to the smallest of details. Once completed, we provide a turnkey solution to homeowners who are looking for a luxury property that provides real value for money.

  • Acquire

    We find properties that have the potential to be exceptional homes. They should be well located, be in a beautiful building, and have some original features.

  • Develop

    Our development process focuses on creating residential properties that are unique in the marketplace. The final product is a luxury home with high quality materials, finishes and appliances.

  • Sell

    We appeal to clients that are looking for a turn-key solution to their property needs. All of our properties are fully furnished and dressed with art.

Working with Sivoris on our property Casp has been excellent. They were able to conceptualize our apartment right from the beginning and put in place all the interior design elements that made it a great 4-bedroom luxury property. We couldn’t be happier with the final product and the service that came along with it.
Nahla Darkazanli Client
  • Salim Aboudaoud

    Founding partner
  • Bashar Aboudaoud

    Founding partner
  • Anna Tomashvili


We build exceptional homes.