A healthy lifestyle: Barcelona’s culinary sensations (part 1)

As one of the most unique ‘melting pots’ in the world, Barcelona also has a firm reputation in terms of art, architecture, culture and sustainable living, which also influences foreigners who are looking to invest in real estate in the city. However, it’s not only the city’s public transport system or its commitment to ecological cost-savings that have cemented its status as a ‘city of the future’ – healthy living (and, thus, eating) also plays a major role in enhancing the city’s sustainability, not to mention help you make the most of your time in Barcelona.

This is, of course, good news for anybody who wants to try a healthier approach to living, including vegetarianism, veganism or just highly nutritious food in general. And even though the city has been a tad slower than other major metropolises health-wise, Barcelona is currently making up for lost time with new healthy shops and restaurants popping up all over the city.

Tribu Woki

The essence of Tribu Woki lies in its commitment to organic products, offering food and nourishment to the inhabitants of Barcelona that have been grown using traditional methods without any synthetic or chemical substances. In addition to its multiple nutritional, health and taste benefits, the consumption of locally-produced organic products reduces the environmental impact.

This is certainly one gem that is set to boost residents’ and tourists’ health levels, not to mention what it can do for the city’s reputation and investments in real estate.

In helping to enhance high-quality dining, certain restaurants in Barcelona rely on Tribu Woki’s organic products. These include:


Sea, sun and sensational dishes – Barraca is where you go to taste the best paellas and fish in the city while enjoying magnificent views of the Sant Sebastià beach in La Barceloneta.


Known as Baracca’s “little brother”, Barracuda is also a hot spot when it comes to fantastic (and healthy) culinary experiences. Located right on the beach, it’s the ideal relaxation spot for those who want to get away from the city for a few hours.


The most personal restaurant of renowned chef Xavier Pellicer, Céleri prides itself on using healthy, locally-sourced ingredients. The dishes are prepared on the basis of eight seasonal vegetables that Pellicer reinterprets in three versions: one vegan, one vegetarian and one with animal protein.

Woki Marimón Organic Market

An eco-friendly restaurant located in the upper part of Barcelona, near the Avenida Diagonal and Plaza Francesc Macià, this culinary sensation combines a restaurant and a supermarket with 100% organic, locally-sourced seasonal products.

Woki Organic Market Barceloneta

Stroll through La Barceloneta to work up an appetite, and then treat yourself to some of the best organic meat burgers in the area while enjoying breathtaking views a stone’s throw from the beach.

Woki Organic Market Plaza Catalunya

From pasta and hamburgers to salads and vegan meals, Woki Organic Market is one of the most varied and health-conscious dining spots in the city. This ecological restaurant is located inside a market where you can eat and buy 100% organic products – all within the heart of the bustling Barcelona.

Teresa Carles and Flax & Kale

For those who are looking to invest in real estate in Barcelona, a healthy lifestyle is a must. However, eating healthy certainly doesn’t have to be boring, which is why the dishes at Teresa Carles are prepared and served with experience and creativity to set them apart. The recipes, half-traditional Catalan cuisine and half-haute cuisine, provide all the health benefits along with memorable taste. And their wine cellar is also a must-try.  

 Flax & Kale

Following closely on Teresa Carles’ “health heels” is Flax & Kale, where a passion for cooking and healthy living is one of the main ingredients of all the dishes. 80% of what is served here is plant-based, while the other 20% rely on the health benefits of oily fish – a definite treat for both one’s health and appetite.

Raso Terra

The presidents of Slow Food Barcelona deserve the credit for this vegetarian gem, where the experts serve up a fantastic and affordable menu with decadent delight, including pasta dishes and international cuisines.

Most of the dishes are whipped up with their own garden-grown ingredients in nearby Sant Feliu de Llobregat – something which you can definitely tell from the excellent flavours.

In addition, customers can also treat themselves to wine and craft beer while dining most deliciously – and healthily.

Be sure not to miss out on ‘part 2’ of Barcelona’s health-enhancing restaurants.