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  1. Where to buy an apartment in Barcelona: Eixample

    Barcelona is a city that requires little introduction. A place to live or visit; to discover, to work, to enjoy. An open, cosmopolitan city, ideal for investing, thanks to a wealth of properties that meet the expectations of the most demanding buyers. When it comes to where to buy an apartment in Barcelona, there are […]
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  2. How to buy an apartment in Barcelona, step by step guide

    For those who want to buy an apartment in Barcelona, the city offers a range of high-quality properties and well-connected neighbourhoods to choose from. However, purchasing a property in Barcelona, whether to use as a residence or an investment, requires an understanding of certain factors to make the entire process proceed smoothly. What are the […]
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  3. Are you wishing to buy an apartment in Barcelona in a building designed by famous Enric Sagnier?

    [contact-form-7 id=”5315″ title=”Request a visit”] Those looking to buy an apartment in Barcelona have a rich variety of options to consider. The city boasts an abundance of attractions appealing to locals and visitors, including an impressive series of architectural buildings rich in styles like Eclecticism, Gothic, and Catalan Modernism.    Names like Antoni Gaudí and […]
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  4. How to choose an apartment in Barcelona

    Searching for the perfect apartment is different for everyone. While some may instinctively know when they’ve found the ideal space, others take a more planned approach in terms of research. However, there are definitely certain factors one has to consider when scouting for an apartment in Barcelona, as the city’s prime views, world-renowned architecture and […]
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