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  1. How to choose an apartment in Barcelona

    Searching for the perfect apartment is different for everyone. While some may instinctively know when they’ve found the ideal space, others take a more planned approach in terms of research. However, there are definitely certain factors one has to consider when scouting for an apartment in Barcelona, as the city’s prime views, world-renowned architecture and […]
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  2. Spanish mortgage for non-residents

    Spain has always been a popular choice for those looking to study, work, retire or vacation abroad – its striking coastlines, rich culture, fantastic architecture and delectable culinary creations are just some of the attractions that appeal to the rest of the world. Of course choosing a stylish rental is not the only option; buying […]
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  3. The Buyer’s Guide to Purchasing Property in Barcelona

    Buying a new home overseas is not only a great way to broaden your holiday horizons; it also protects your hard-earned capital. And when it comes to choosing a destination that is rich in class and culture, Barcelona is definitely one of the most popular options. Barcelona offers a range of high-quality properties and well-communicated […]
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  4. The eternal question: where to buy a property, close to the sea or the mountains

    One of the most crucial dilemmas that arise when buying a property, is deciding whether to buy a place near the sea or with mountains. For the majority of people this is not based on a simple whim. Making the right decision can have direct repercussions influencing mobility, functionality as well as other consequences. When […]
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