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  1. Transforming Barcelona: The future of Les Glòries

    Architecture has always played a key role in defining cities, and Barcelona is no exception. Various landmarks and tourist attractions are scattered throughout the city, speaking of a rich 2,000-year-old history. Some of the oldest designs date back to the time of the Romans, while the modern era has contributed more contemporary creations. One of […]
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  2. Barcelona: The city for startup companies

    Barcelona has always been seen as a top-notch holiday destination; as a dream space for great thinkers and doers; and as one of Europe’s prime “smart city” examples. But modern times have seen “leading startup hub” also being associated with the city, as startups in Barcelona are increasingly drawing heaps of international talent to its […]
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  3. International Schools in Barcelona

    As an international city, Barcelona offers up far more than celebrated architecture, outstanding coastlines or well-known cuisine – the city attracts more and more immigrants each year, whether for working or studying, which significantly influences the country’s education system. Spain’s commitment to education is quite renowned, with an assortment of bilingual and international schools in […]
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  4. Healthcare in Barcelona

    Choosing to reside in Spain (or anywhere else in the world) involves significantly more than simply deciding where to stay. Factors like your and your family’s health also need to be considered, and for that reason we take a look at healthcare in Spain and how it pertains to your residence in this international city. […]
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