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  1. 9 best hotel spa centres in Barcelona

    Barcelona is known for a variety of attractions that appeal to both local and tourist. But the city also caters for tired feet and exhausted minds with its range of spas, particularly those situated in some of the Catalan capital’s most prestigious hotels. From prominent views to soothing beauty treatments, these are 9 of the […]
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  2. The best music festivals in Barcelona

    From architectural wonders to world-class cuisine, Barcelona remains a gem when it comes to culture, lifestyle, and activities. The same can be said for the city’s music festivals, where lovers of all genres assemble to revel in everything from golden oldies to ultra contemporary tunes. Add in the picturesque scenery and venues and it’s no […]
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  3. The best streets for going out in Barcelona

    With a plethora of attractions and activities just waiting to be explored, there is certainly no shortage of entertainment when going out in Barcelona. But even though many streets possess an alluring design with equally tempting establishments, some are simply in another league when it comes to providing locals and tourists with bars, restaurants, and […]
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  4. Two- and Three-Starred Michelin Restaurants in Barcelona

    The original aim of the Michelin Guide, which commenced in 1990, was to provide French motorists with lodging while on their travels. Over time, this transformed into a star-rating system for restaurants worldwide. Today, the Michelin Guide is the go-to source for anybody who’s serious about restaurants and chefs offering first-rate cooking. The highest Michelin […]
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