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  1. The Most Popular Sports Activities in Barcelona

    The 1992 Summer Olympics may have been celebrated in Barcelona, but it’s certainly not the only link that the city has with sport. Citizens of the Catalan capital consider sports and outdoor activities as part of everyday life. This ensures a wealth of options for anyone looking to explore Barcelona while also taking in the […]
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  2. Snow and ski: Four winter getaways from Barcelona

    Catalonia may be synonymous with sun, sea and surf, but it does not hibernate during winter. In fact, the snow-covered scenery opens up a new world of possibilities, particularly for those seeking winter getaways from Barcelona. Whether it’s a beginner’s ski course, a snow-sledding track, or a more tranquil après ski activity you’re after, our […]
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  3. Barcelona’s One-Starred Michelin Restaurants: Foreign and Fusion Cuisine

    As an international tourist destination, Barcelona presents quite the range of appealing attractions. In addition to world-renowned architecture and picturesque beaches, top-notch cuisine must also be mentioned, which makes it less surprising that one can discover a variety of Michelin-starred restaurants in Barcelona.  The Michelin Guide was originally begun in 1990 to aid French motorists […]
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  4. One-Starred Michelin Restaurants in Barcelona: Local Cuisine

    When the Michelin Guide was first published in 1900 its main purpose was to help French motorists find lodging on the road. Over the decades, this has transformed into a rating system to grade restaurants, and has become a go-to guide for chefs, foodies, and all culinary experts. The highest Michelin rating a restaurant can […]
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