The eternal question: where to buy a property, close to the sea or the mountains


One of the most crucial dilemmas that arise when buying a property, is deciding whether to buy a place near the sea or with mountains.

For the majority of people this is not based on a simple whim. Making the right decision can have direct repercussions influencing mobility, functionality as well as other consequences.

When buying for the first time, location is usually decided on the day to day activities, especially when considering family and work. Finding the perfect location in areas that have the best facilities, schools, hospitals, transport, is the most important factor, regardless of its proximity to the sea or mountains.


Evidently, in some cities, due to their location the value of property rises considerably when it is located close to certain places. This is the case for Barcelona, one of the most in demand choices for property that has both sea and mountains with excellent transport links and at a very short distance. Barcelona has become one of the most popular destinations in recent decades, not only for holidays, but also for investment. The quality of life, climate, culture, architecture, gastronomy, etc. make the city a treasure that is accessible, and most importantly, human.

In the case of second homes, it is more common to invest in properties that allow us to escape from the daily grind, far away from big cities, in a more natural and healthy environment.

Whatever the case, avoiding buying on impulse and making sure to evaluate the pros and cons is the best way to make the right decision.

It is essential to adequately inform yourself about the area that surrounds the property, the possible benefits and disadvantages before making an investment.  Establishing a professional relationship with a specialised agency, that can filter and select the best options for buying and investing will facilitate the process and acquire the property that best fits each person’s needs and objectives.


Pros and cons to investing in property close to the sea or mountains:

Without considering the intended use for the new property, it is essential to take certain factors into account that will achieve the best results.  

  • It is important to evaluate the costs of maintenance, regarding the benefits that each option can bring. For example, if a pool or garden needs to be maintained, or the shared maintenance costs if this applies to the house or flat, as well as the taxes that need to be paid.
  • The weather directly influences the choice made. Before choosing between the beach or the mountains, the climate of the areas needs to be considered.
  • When making a significant investment it is important to also evaluate the fairly near future of the family. For example, if there is a possibility that the family will grow, more rooms and space will be needed to enjoy a balanced living environment.
  • In the case of second homes, buying in an excessively popular or overcrowded place can be a risk. This is due to the difficulty in getting from place to place in short breaks over the weekends.
  • On the other hand, acquiring an apartment in an area that is too quiet or far from the city of origin can, in the medium term, turn out to be excessively inconvenient or difficult when adapting to everyday life.
  • Personal taste directly influences the final decision, when choosing the sea or mountains. For lovers of winter sports or hiking, a house in the mountains would be the best choice. However for those who enjoy the beach and the sun, a seaside property would be a great option.


On the other hand, if all the factors that push us towards one decision or another are clearly understood, whether the choice is sea or mountain, any potential handicap can become a clear advantage. This can define the winner and the investment into these characteristics.


For these reasons, investing in a flat, apartment, or house in a city or population that fulfills all or a large part of the expectations and necessities that we want will always be a safe bet.