Moving to Barcelona: Tips and Solutions

When a family from abroad decides, for professional or personal reasons, to move to Barcelona, they may come across a range of problems that can make the moving experience costly and traumatic. Being well prepared will help to make the transition both simple and rewarding.


First of all, organizing a detailed plan, with clearly marked timeframes will simplify the process.

Not knowing the language is one of the main factors that can reduce the chance of an efficient and easy transition, and so relying on the help of a specialized professional can facilitate and reduce the preparation time before the actual move.

It is highly recommended to think about travelling to the city beforehand to get to know different neighborhoods and their features, the local community etc., therefore being able to choose your future residence with freedom and reducing the margin for error.


In Barcelona there are three main neighbourhoods that tend to be favourites for foreign families that move to the city: L’Eixample, el Barrio Gótico and el Born. Although the three neighbourhoods are very different, buying property in any of them is always an excellent investment. L’Eixample, a central neighbourhood characterized by its unique modernist buildings, has all the amenities and services necessary for any family. The Barrio Gótico is the area that used to make up ancient Barcino, situated inside the Roman walls. This very central, popular and touristic neighbourhood of Barcelona is home to a multitude of recently restored high-quality buildings in an unbeatable setting, although this comes with the fact that the area is very saturated with tourists and travellers. Finally, El Born, the old maritime area of the city and a very fashionable and busy neighbourhood in which the most “in” restaurants compete with the trendiest shops. For decades this was the forgotten neighbourhood, now transformed into another of the city’s most significant areas.

In any case, having a relative, dependable friend or professional in the real estate and investment sector on hand, who can initially filter through the different options, is a key asset. In this way, thanks to knowledge of the local market, efficient execution and the experience of a team versed in an infinite number of projects, Sivoris becomes the perfect option for efficient results when finding the ideal luxury setting in Barcelona.


Similarly, moving to a new place with a family, with school-age children is a crucial circumstance to consider, and preparing the youngest members of the family is essential in order to avoid an overly-complex situation. Valuing the opportunity to speak with teachers at the school of origin, in order to receive the most appropriate advice about any issue related to moving school, can be very beneficial.

When a neighborhood has been chosen, the search for schools can begin. In one area alone one can expect to find various options: private schools, charter schools or public schools, although if preferred there is are options to send children to international, bilingual or trilingual private schools such as St Paul’s School, the French School or the German School. These are generally situated in the upper zones of the city or in the outskirts, and amongst many other options, any of these are valid choices.


Whilst gathering all the information necessary for the children’s education, any required documentation such as vaccinations and visas also need to be prepared, where necessary.

If family pets are also travelling, it is essential to check if they are allowed into the country, if they must go through a quarantine period and what vaccinations they will need, so as to organize in good time the steps that need to be taken.


In terms of the move itself, it is important to consider how to pack and send everything that is being taken abroad. To choose the most suitable transport service we recommend that you ask for three different estimates in order to objectively assess each one of their specialties, how long it will take, any guarantees, the storage options at the destination etc. Preparing the boxes in advance will avoid unnecessary stressful situations. To facilitate unloading, labelling each box to indicate its contents, is a very practical solution. Furthermore, whether the move is temporary or permanent, it is useful to carefully and sincerely evaluate what you have in order to only take what is completely essential.


The time will come when opening a Spanish bank account becomes necessary. Although transferring money between countries has become a simple and manageable transaction, taking all options into account, a Spanish account will make any task easier.

In any case, stressful moments will always arise when moving house, and for that reason, planning well is the best way to make the move safely and efficiently.