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  1. Spanish Real estate market in 2018

    2018 was another positive year for Spain in terms of real estate investment. However, aside from the country’s economic climate and a mortage rate cut to   3.9% , what are the factors that influenced the property market? A rise in GDP Spain’s GDP grew 2.5% in 2018 – lower than the 3% but more then the […]
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  2. Two- and Three-Starred Michelin Restaurants in Barcelona

    The original aim of the Michelin Guide, which commenced in 1990, was to provide French motorists with lodging while on their travels. Over time, this transformed into a star-rating system for restaurants worldwide. Today, the Michelin Guide is the go-to source for anybody who’s serious about restaurants and chefs offering first-rate cooking. The highest Michelin […]
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  3. Trendy Passeig de Sant Joan

    As far as fashionable neighbourhoods in Barcelona go, Passeig de Sant Joan is one example that has made a striking comeback. Starting at the Arc de Triomf and stretching westwards through the Eixample district in Travessera de Gràcia, this well-known street comprises a myriad of popular spaces and attractions along the way. However, its greatest […]
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  4. The Most Popular Sports Activities in Barcelona

    The 1992 Summer Olympics may have been celebrated in Barcelona, but it’s certainly not the only link that the city has with sport. Citizens of the Catalan capital consider sports and outdoor activities as part of everyday life. This ensures a wealth of options for anyone looking to explore Barcelona while also taking in the […]
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