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  1. The ático: How to decorate your rooftop terrace in style

    Sun, sea and sand – three of the elements that add extra emphasis to the breathtaking views enjoyed in Barcelona. It’s, therefore, no wonder that when it comes to sought-after real estate properties, places of high altitude, such as high-rise apartments where the views are the protagonists, are some of the most popular in the […]
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  2. Finding your perfect ceiling design

    When imagining the possibilities of interior design, a lot of us tend to focus on elements like furniture, walls and floors, not factoring in the potential that a ceiling can add to an interior space. Even windows and doors get more attention design-wise. This is definitely a missed opportunity, because settling for a white and […]
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  3. How to let your home flaunt a feature wall

    Interior design trends continue to change and evolve every day, offering you more and new ways to grace your home with style. One of the older ways to add interest to a room (that has recently made a trendy comeback) is by incorporating a feature wall. A feature wall is one wall in a room […]
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  4. Stunning choices for your flooring materials

    When it comes to interior design, one needs to opt for the best materials that not only bring out the essence of one’s home and style, but also feel comfortable. This includes flooring, as a friendly underfoot feeling is definitely an important factor. Like all other interior-design features, we are spoiled for choice when it […]
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