Property Search Advisory

At Sivoris, we are the experts at finding luxury real estate properties, with a particular focus on Barcelona city. We have an extensive network of contacts that provide access to a wide variety of properties, which we then filter and select for you based on the criteria that we have established together, to make sure everything we present to you is in line with your objectives.

Why Sivoris

  • We offer our service to local and international clients
  • We focus on premium locations
  • We offer a high-quality service
  • We have in-depth knowledge of the real estate market
  • We rely on a wide network of contacts
  • In selecting a property, we prioritise on the return on investment

More Details

We know how difficult it is to find a property when you have very specific ideas in mind. Whether it’s a home or investment, property searches can be quite complicated and without the right knowledge buyers often have challenges finding something that stands out that has the potential to become an exceptional space.

Just think about all the things that need to happen for this to become a reality: viewing properties, calculating their value, thinking about the possible refurbishment required to transform it into a luxury property, calculating their profitability. And all of this just to choose a property that appropriately suits your needs. The process can be time-consuming, and we know that time is often a scarce commodity for property investors.

At Sivoris, we make it easier for you by helping you throughout the entire process. We understand how important it is to have local knowledge in real estate as this enables our team to be able to gain access to quality properties and how this helps the process.

Our understanding of the area (both in and around the city of Barcelona) along with our strong network of contacts allows us access to a network of luxury properties waiting to get their place on the market: houses, apartments, buildings — properties of all varieties that are carefully chosen for your viewing.

We are aware of how slow and cumbersome the process of searching, visiting, and selecting investment properties with personality can be. Often the search involves visiting a lot of properties to eliminate the options to reduce the list of choices that suit your objectives and needs. To alleviate this tedious task, Sivoris provides this property selection service to our clients.

We simplify the process by getting your input on the desired features and requirements you’re looking for in property, then we carry out the process of sourcing and selecting properties so we can give you a short list containing properties that are relevant, saving you time and simplifying the process.

To ensure the quality of the recommended list of properties, each property that we prepare and present to you is accompanied by a thorough analysis of similar properties found on the market, which will explain why we recommend it. Furthermore, if the property you are looking for is for real estate investment, we will demonstrate the profitability of all the properties we present to you along with profitability ratios, so that you can compare them.