Six Barcelona Restaurants With The Amazing Views

Those who love to venture outdoors for new dining experiences know that it’s not only about the quality of what’s on the plate – it’s also about the vibe and the view. But even though winter time suggests that we opt for a restaurant that offers a more cosy setting, we know that a lot of diners still enjoy a breathtaking scene (such as the beautiful beach, the vast sea or the bustling cityscape) with their meal.

And Barcelona, as it turns out, is perfect for not only investing in real estate, but also living a high-quality lifestyle, particularly when it comes to dining with a view. That is why we have narrowed down your search to six premium options; varying in choices of food and drink, yet all providing a memorable experience with superb, high-level views.

Torre d’Alta Mar

Few restaurants offer a prime, 75-metres-above-sea-level view of Barcelona and the Mediterranean, but Torre d’Alta Mar certainly does. Located at the top of the Torre de San Sebastian cable car tower (which is accessible via a private lift), this modern restaurant flaunts an elegant interior with a cosmopolitan ambience while it treats diners to a 360° panorama view of both city and sea.

Also the perfect option if you’re in the mood for mouth-watering seafood or to try some traditional Mediterranean delicacies.

Marea Alta BCN

Investing in real estate in Barcelona provides yet another delicious, high-above-the-clouds option for dining in style, because next up on our list is Marea Alta BCN. Specialising in chargrilled fish and smoked dishes, this “sky restaurant” takes up residence at the top of the Torre Colón building on two levels: the 23rd floor which presents the cocktail bar, tapas restaurants and four outdoor-dining terraces; and the gourmet dining space on the 24th floor.

With a menu that has various influences (including Basque, Japanese and French), Marea Alta BCN offers an exceptional experience to those who are serious about fine Mediterranean cuisine and astounding views.


A classic never goes out of style, and Mirablau restaurant certainly proves that, as it’s been providing exceptional cuisine to Barcelona for more than 25 years. Located on the hillside of Tibidabo, this culinary hotspot has a casual and relaxing vibe, and provides a cityscape view (which becomes a glittering affair by night) that can truly leave one breathless.

And not to worry about feeling chilly, for the top floor is closed in with glass panes during winter time, keeping you comfortable and those views as spectacular as ever.


If you plan on enjoying your meal on a vast balcony that overlooks the entire Barcelona, might we recommend Mirabé? This restaurant, located in the beautiful district of SantGervasi, offers up not only a memorable dining experience, but is also a prime option for those who want a grand view with their private functions, company events or dream wedding (a bar and DJ are available for the outdoor spots).

With various in- and outdoor levels (all offering exceptional views), Mirabé becomes the perfect spot to enjoy a variety of creative dishes, as well as an extensive range of cocktails.

Miramar Club

Providing you with a choice of enjoying your meal in either a glass-enclosed room or in the fresh outdoors, Miramar Club makes it its mission to have a prime Barcelona view in the background at all times. Treating diners to a range of innovative dishes, as well as a wide choice of flavour-enhancing wines, this culinary gem also offers up lush garden scenery in case you want to enjoy a stroll – the perfect touch, whether you’re on date night or in a group with 200 other diners.


If you feel that great meals and relaxation go hand in hand with a high-quality life, then investing in real estate in Barcelona is not your only choice – you also need to try out Martinez. Situated on Montjuïc hill next to the luxurious Hotel Miramar, Martinez restaurant is all about superb views, excellent ambience and even better food.

Choose from a range of dishes (including tapas, seafood and pizzas) and drinks, and then feel your relaxation levels rise while you take in the amazing view on an open-air terrace or balcony (both of which can be covered if need be), or in an indoor area – the vibe is equally fantastic everywhere!