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  1. Welcome your guests with a stunning entry hall

    We all know the importance of first impressions – and an entrance hall that is dull will surely not mean a positive first impression of your house. This is your chance to sweep guests off their feet, to welcome them with style into a soaring space with a sparkling chandelier, or a cosy foyer with […]
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  2. The eternal question: where to buy a property, close to the sea or the mountains

    One of the most crucial dilemmas that arise when buying a property, is deciding whether to buy a place near the sea or with mountains. For the majority of people this is not based on a simple whim. Making the right decision can have direct repercussions influencing mobility, functionality as well as other consequences. When […]
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  3. Smart Homes: Essential Technology

    As for every sector, the internet revolutionises everything that is susceptible to improvements or modifications. This includes domotics; the systems and tecniques that can make homes automatic. They can offer energy management, security, communication, wellbeing services, and they are generally integrated using an external or internal communication network with cables or wireless. This relatively recent […]
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  4. Choosing the Parquet Floor Design for Luxurious Interiors

    Before carrying out any large scale Project that involves designing a luxurious interior, the choice of flooring, that will cover the property, becomes one of the key aspects. It can mark the whole aesthetic dynamic of a development. When decorating luxurious interiors, parquet flooring has come to be one of the most popular choices, also […]
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