The total cost of buying an apartment in Barcelona, 2021

Cost of buying and apartment in Barcelona

Buying a new home overseas is not only a great way to broaden your holiday horizons, but it also protects your hard-earned capital. Fortunately, Barcelona offers a range of high-quality properties in well located neighbourhoods to choose from. However, apart from the initial purchase price, it is important to know all the different charges that make up the total cost of buying an apartment in Barcelona.


This is only applicable to the properties that have never been sold or occupied. It is known as “Obra Nueva” – New Build Property from a developer, and has a national tax rate of 10% for residential properties.

Stamp Duty

This forms a percentage of the overall purchase price and varies depending on the region where the property is located. Stamp Duty tax is also relevant to new-build properties, and has a base rate of 1% (1,50% in Catalonia).

Transfer Tax – ITP (Impuesto sobre Transmisiones Patrimoniales)

The total cost of buying an apartment in Barcelona (that has been sold before at least once) also consists of a 10% tax – ITP. The ITP rate differs between regions of Spain (usually from 6 – 11%), but in Catalonia it remains 10%. Keep in mind that, under special circumstances, the ITP rate can be reduced to as low as 5% or even 4% – such as in the case of a family with many children, a single parent or an individual younger than 32 years earning below 30.000€ annually.

Cost of buying and apartment in Barcelona

Legal Fees

Although acquiring legal assistance is not compulsory when buying properties, it is certainly recommended. In addition to drafting and reviewing the applicable contracts (Deposit Agreement, Arras, Purchase Deed, and Mortgage Deed) on your behalf, a lawyer also checks ownership claims, property permits and charges, etc. The costs of hiring a lawyer can range between 1€ – 2.000€, or 1% of the purchase price. However, it’s also possible to hire a lawyer who charges an hourly rate and will bill you according to the amount of work to be completed.

Notary Fees

Payable by the buyer, these fees are between 0.5% and 1% of the purchase price mentioned in the Purchase Deed.

Land Registry Inscription Fees

The land registry inscription fees are also part of the total cost of buying an apartment in Barcelona. The amount, which depends on the property and the area, can vary between 400€ to 750€ per deed.

Gestor Fees

A Gestor is a person who files the property deed with the Registro, pays the tax and finalises other related services. They also usually charge between 400€ and 750€ per deed.

Mortgage Fees

As of Oct. 2019, both mortgage tax and the second deed (Mortgage Deed) costs are paid by the buyer’s mortgage bank. However, the buyer remains responsible for the assessment fees that are around 500 – 800€ (depending on the size of the property), as well as the mortgage opening fees which is nearly 1% of the mortgage amount.


Bear in mind that the total cost of buying an apartment in Barcelona might also include other running costs like bank commissions for an international transfer, issuing the cheque for the Public Notary, plus a non-resident income tax.