A touch of elegance

Interior design has evolved considerably in the last decade in such a way that we have come to consider elegant places filled with decorations and extravagant objects while specialized magazines are inundated with totally opposing concepts, such as the minimalist one. Today, there are different notions of the term elegance, which leads to the question of What is elegant? How to get it right?

Examining the tendencies of 2015, the answer to this question would be that elegance lies in minimalism, based on simple lines and open spaces, on one hand the use of light and on the other solid colours. Despite being the opposite of what our mothers and grandmothers perceived as elegance, this style has practical benefits, such as the absence of clutter and dust to clean, but perhaps most importantly, gives us a sense of relief to turn away from the bustle of the city in such a way that the promotion of this style in place of the baroque of past eras has much to do with the need to make your home a place away from the noisy streets and the stress of work.

How to compose a minimalist space?

The sobriety of forms is easily achieved as long as you avoid clutter and choose rectilinear furniture. To make the most of the minimal use of furniture, these as well as the architecture play a major role. In this sense, it is appropriate to have pieces with glossy finishes. The most suitable are lacquered wood, glass or aluminium.

In keeping with this idea, fabrics should be consistent with the minimalist simplicity. For this reason, soft and fresh fabrics like linen, silk or cotton, are the most appropriate ones unlike the opaque and heavy. Naturally, we should avoid prints or use them with moderation.


How to introduce warmth and personality?

Many people find this style to be too cold. Although open to the idea of emphasizing the lines and furniture, they need to incorporate elements that personalize their homes and produce a warmer ambiance. It is because of this that we want to reiterate that the combination of colour, culture and personality is also elegant. This is so true that, going a step further, we dare to say that elegance is breaking the rules with the sole intention to create a space that is clearly personal and unique. In these cases, we have to base our choice of colours on the ones we identify with, we like and find meaningful.

Therefore, elegance is the controlled combination of the fundamentals of minimalism with the addition of other elements that personalize and warm up the interior based on our taste. Elegance is, therefore, the act of using simplicity to communicate who we are through more complex elements, turning the focus on to “us”.