Welcome your guests with a stunning entry hall

We all know the importance of first impressions – and an entrance hall that is dull will surely not mean a positive first impression of your house.

This is your chance to sweep guests off their feet, to welcome them with style into a soaring space with a sparkling chandelier, or a cosy foyer with warm wooden floors. And since the entryway sets the tone for the rest of your home, it is also the perfect place to include bold artwork, a striking sculpture, a vibrant colour palette, and any other elegant décor touches to help elevate the overall ambience of your home. Let’s see what interior design elements you can include.

A perfect front door

That front door is also an excuse to flaunt your love for beautiful style. And you are spoiled for choice when it comes to choosing the perfect door to flow with your entryway’s style: carved wood, modern frosted glass – just make sure it fits with the period and style of your house.  Notice how the light tones and linear design of the sleek white door fit in with the modern style of the entrance hall above. But if you dare to be different, a door in a striking colour that stands out from the surroundings pace could also be an eye-catching touch.


 Adequate lighting

Your choice of lighting needs to illuminate the entire entry hall without providing a harsh glare. It is also important to scale the size of the light fixture for this area. For overhead lighting, suspend a pendant or chandelier from a high ceiling for a striking effect – just make sure it’s high enough in order not to bother the guests. Entrance halls with lower ceilings are better off with ceiling downlighters, wall sconces, or even a striking table lamp.

TIP: If your entrance hall features an interesting artwork, consider accent lighting to draw attention to it.


 The right flooring

Floor your guests with a flooring material that looks clean, elegant and welcoming. Whether you choose marble, hardwood floors, oversized tiles, or something completely different will depend on your personal taste – just ensure it complements your home’s look.  If you want to provide some soft underfoot sensation, lay down a beautiful rug to also add some colour and pattern to the space.

TIP: Consider the outdoor elements when choosing your entry hall flooring. Opt for entry mats placed outside your house to remove the majority of outdoor sand, rain and mud – this will help to keep your floors cleaner too.


A stylish table

Space means luxury, and you should take full advantage of it. Add a stunning table to your entry hall not only for interior design purposes, but to hold other décor items like lamps or vases. Whether you go with big and bulky or slim and sleek will depend on your design style, but be sure to add something to the table, even it’s a potted plant or framed photo, to keep it from looking bare and empty. modern-corridor-hallway-stairs-photos-by-3deko-i-homify

 Striking wall art

Even if your house is designed in the minimalist style, an art piece or two on the wall is still advisable. It can engage your guests’ attention as soon as they walk through the door. Opt for art or framed photos with colours that balance off other décor elements in the room, such as the floor or furniture. A gallery wall of pictures is always a nice and personal touch. Mirrors are also a popular choice for entry halls, as they reflect lighting and increase visual space. Just ensure the mirror is hung at eye level – and in proportion to the dimensions of your entry hall – for maximum effect.


 Beautiful colours

Bright bursts of colour can help to create a friendly and welcoming atmosphere. Even though the entryway is the first interior room that guests see of your house, it is still a pass-through space, meaning they usually don’t tend to linger there for very long. This gives you an excuse to play with paint colours and wallpapers that you normally wouldn’t use.

You can also opt for a light, fresh colour (which will really glow with the right lighting), and then offset it with some strong and slightly masculine décor pieces to add visual weight.


 Stunning décor

Décor pieces should do more than just fill up space; they should entice you to want to see more of the house and its interior style. Interior design décor you can consider for the entry hall include:

  • Floor- or table lamp
  • Stylish seating, such as a wingback, sofa, or even a wooden bench
  • A bookcase
  • Sculptures
  • Candles
  • An umbrella holder
  • Flowers and/or potted plants


Stairs full of style

A staircase is never just transportation to the next floor – it’s an excuse for décor, and can become quite the focal point in your house or entryway. Additional touches like the railing also allow us to enhance that staircase and entrance hall, plus flaunt our love for exquisite design. But always stick with the same style for both railing and stairs (like glass balustrades for modern, wrought-iron designs for classic, and timber-clad railings for traditional).


Think about including interior design elements that will grab your interest when walking into someone else’s home and make you want to see more of the space.